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Stop me if any of these sound familiar:

  • Is your website not keeping new visitors?

  • Are you struggling with social media?

  • Do you wish you could write articles and blog posts that get people to click through to your site AND push you up the search rankings (thanks SEO!)?


If they do, don’t worry. If they don’t, that’s great, sounds like you’ve got some well written copy and have sussed a thing or two about social media marketing.

But really, whether they’re familiar or not, you still need to look through what I can do because this is Epilogue, and it is the last word in copywriting.

I know it’s tough to trust someone just at their word, so please look through my site and see examples of my work for other businesses. Then you will know why your customers will trust you at my words.

One last word – an epilogue, if you will – before you continue: your satisfaction and success is the most important to me. Both because, selfishly, if I do a good job for you then it means I can carry on in this career that I love; but less selfishly because I think everyone should be able to clearly and excitingly communicate what it is that they and their business do.


That’s why I am committed to working with you until what you have is right.

Social Media Content

Everyone’s using it, but are you really using it? If you’ve ever found yourself thinking you could get more out of social media, you definitely could.


Boosting existing accounts or helping you get set up in the first place; from hashtags to character limits, I’m there for you.


I can help you perform an analysis of your current practices, what your competition is doing, and work with you to do it all better than they do.


Check out some examples below and don’t wait to get in touch. Time is clicks!

Website Text

Not much space, needs to be precise and needs to fit around your pictures, graphics, headers, footers, and other things too.


Website text is much like social media copy (and I’m great at that, by the way) and can be an absolute pain if you don’t get it right.


Fortunately, I have more than my fair share of experience at writing it so not only can I help you with making sure all the words fit, but that they are the right words to keep your customers engaged and wanting to find out more, all whilst optimised for SEO.


I write copy that will keep them clicking through every one of your pages to make sure nothing is missed – from product descriptions to “About Us” pages (check out mine here). Everything will be clear, captivating and converting. After all, it’s a waste of my time, yours and your customers’ if I don’t do my job.

Get in touch to find out what we can do together!

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles – they seem to be everywhere these days – and for good reason, as they’re fun to write (for some people), but, more importantly, they’re a great way to show off your expertise, highlight products and drive traffic to your website.

But sometimes it’s just so hard to find the time, isn’t it? And having to do all that research and then put your thoughts on paper (or screen)? AND bothering about SEO if you’re trying really hard? It’s just all a bit much.


Fortunately, I love writing, that’s why I do what I do! If you’ve ever felt like you want to showcase your love of espresso machines, hiking holidays or loafers, but just don’t know how, then call me.


I want to help you with putting your knowledge out there, showing your customers all the reasons that you know there are for them to choose you. You know it, I know it, now let’s make sure they know it.


Have a look at some examples below, and then get in touch.

Hi, I’m Matt and I want to help you reach more customers, convert more customers and keep more customers. I love writing (I mention that a couple of times on here), but it really is what pushes me to work. That and helping you succeed.

If I can work with you to increase your traffic and revenue and get to craft copy that draws people in, then my day is made.

I’m based in the UK but available to work with you whether you’re closer to breakfast or bedtime when you read this.

I studied German and Russian at university, so if you happen to be one of the other 537 people in the world that has a passion for medieval German literature, drop me an email because everyone I know is getting bored of hearing about Parzival, Siegfried and Erec.

Once upon a time, I ran social media and content creation for a public health consultancy, as well as a nationwide research project so I know how to give your copy the clean bill of health that you need. This work and my experiences since then showed me that it is absolutely essential to understand your client and their niche, and that’s why whenever I start working with someone I want to have a chat about what drives you and your business so that those words come out on the page.

If you want more traffic, conversions, or likes, then I’m pretty confident that by this stage of the website, you know whether I’m the right fit for you and your business.

Send me an email at


Give me a call or message at 07564052971

I can’t wait to hear from you and to get you where you want to be.

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